'Burger King' New Bacon Stuffed Burger

Mar 19, 2013 03:52 PM EDT | By Jaclyn Ashley


Burger King is continuing to alter its menu. The fast food giant is adding more options to its seasonal menu. The new menu is called "Burger Fest", it will contain 12 new menu items including: Turkey Burgers, Vegetable Burgers, Chipotle WHOPPER Sandwiches, Chipotle Chicken Wraps, Iced Tea, Piña Colada Smoothies, and Donut Holes.

The menu will also contain a stuffed burger. The new Bacon Stuffed Burger will consist of a beef patty, stuffed with cheddar cheese and bacon. The fast food giant will offer its customers "loaded tater tots." These are bite-sized, fluffy potatoes stuffed with bacon, cheese, and onions.

"Our signature fire-grilled burgers are the foundation of the BURGER KING® menu and we are excited to offer our guests more variety as we celebrate Burger Fest," said Flavia Faugeres, executive vice president and global chief marketing officer, Burger King Worldwide, Inc. "With something to appeal to every guest, we invite everyone to join us and share our passion for great-tasting food by trying all of our delicious new options," Yahoo! Finance reported.

The fast food giant is currently offering its consumers $1 Lattes until March 24th. The company advertised its newest children's toy in its kid's meals on Facebook. The fast food giant informed parents, their children can go back in time. When a kids meal is purchased, they receive a fun Om Nom toy and a code to unlock this week's exclusive Cut the Rope Travel game chapter! There will be new game levels, along with a new toy released weekly. There is one toy per kid's meal.

The company has its new commercial for the $1.29 WHOPPER JR, on its website. The commercial features a Burger King employee standing behind the register. A woman comes running in with a monkey on her saying, "We heard the WHOPPER JR was only $1.29!" A blonde cheerleader; walks up behind her and says, "Really!" A cop walks in and is excited about the $1.29 price of the WHOPPER JR. At the end of the commercial, the customers are all dancing with a cartoon $1.29.

The company's stock is at $19.12,  a .39 cent increase. 

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