French Graphic Designers Create Celebrity Themed Burgers (PHOTOS)

Mar 26, 2013 11:18 AM EDT | By Staff Reporter

Would you like to eat a burger styled after James Bond? How about a burger dressed up like a Pope? Well then you're in luck as two French designers, Quentin and Thomas, have took it upon themselves to come up with some crazy burger concoctions.

On their website,, the duo have created a slew of celebrity themed burgers. If you're a fan of everything fancy and daring, the James Bond-styled burger may be for you. It is named "Bun, James Bun" and comes complete with silver buns and quail eggs.

If you're a fan of the Pope, don't worry, there is a burger for you as well. The Pope Francis-themed burger is topped off with caramelised onions, lettuce and red and black caviar. Very papal indeed.

There is also the "Burger of Troy", which is made up of a breaded turkey cutlet and comes complete with a wooden horse head, wheels and a tail.

If that doesn't strike you as interesting, there is also the Marie Antoinette burger which is topped off with "beheaded shrimp", "guillotined fennel" and a "scalped bun".

Other crazy concoctions include the David Beckham burger, pictured at the beginning of the article, which comes with speck ham and Victorian tomatoes. There is also the "Lord Of The Rings" inspired burger which comes with "Gandalf the white sauce", "Elven mustard" and a "Lord Of The Rings onion".

Check out all of their creations on

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