This is Wy Alcohol Makes You Fat

Sep 11, 2015 09:00 AM EDT | By abbie uychiat

Alcoholic beverages have been controversial all throughout the years. Numerous researches were already made to shed a light among alcohol lovers. Recent studies however,revealed that alcoholic beverages aids obesity.

As per Huffington Post, Alcohol is not only high in sugar and calories, it also triggers an individual to over eat. 

Studies revealed that eating while under the influence of alcohol isn't advised. It is harmful to an individual's diet as it affects the hypothalamus.

It is a part of the brain that signals the whole body, which means that it is responsible in making the body feel hungry, thirsty, sleepy, and it even controls the individual's sex drive. As per research, when a person drinks, ghrelin levels decrease, which triggers your body to starve and it triggers you to binge.

Over the years, experts have already discovered several tips on how to combat the alcohol binge.

A spokesperson affiliated with the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, Jessica Crandall gave out a tip in dealing with alcohol.

"The key is to find something that takes time to eat and will bring more attention to your hunger awareness," she then added "Protein-rich foods paired with complex carbs are best to help you feel fuller--like a bowl of veggies paired with hummus."

The Women's Health Website then stated that drinking does make an individual hungry. Though the alcohol itself contains calories, booze does not satisfy the body's hunger or food cravings. Alcohol stimulates an individual's appetite by increasing leptin, it is a hormone that tells the brain to stop eating and it negatively affects other brain chemicals which involves appetite suppression. 

The website then pointed out that having a meal before a drinking spree is a good thing. It is best to have a healthy meal before drinking as it decreases the effects of intoxication. It was also stated that the higher the fat content of the meal, the more time it takes for the stomach to go empty which then slows the process of alcohol absorption. Grabbing a bite before drinking decreases the chances of hunger that may trigger you to have an un-healthy meal in between drinking. 

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