Dutch Farm: World's First to Ever Sell Cheese from Pig's Milk

Sep 14, 2015 06:00 PM EDT | By Alexis Villarias

Pigs' meat has been turned to different types of food.  Supermarkets even now have corned pork, a sure sign on how versatile pork is.  But can we even say the same with pig's milk?  A farmer was certainly curious about this and tried turning pig's milk into cheese.  Now, a family-run farm in the Netherlands has produced the world's first cheese made from pig's milk.  And it is more costly than the former most expensive cheese which is from Balkan donkey milk.

As reported in Oddity Central, "Piggy's Palace" is the first ever farm that has produced this.  Erik Stenink, owner of the free-range pig farm was the brains behind this luxury pig milk cheese.  He decided to do this mainly because of curiosity.  He was curious to see if making a cheese from pig's milk would be possible given that it is richer in protein than cow's milk.  However the process of getting milk from pigs was labour-intensive, only managing to produce a few litres of milk with as many as ten people working.  

"It was a hell of a job," Erik said in a report run by NL Times.  According to the report, the farmer teamed up with a local cheese maker to produce the first ever cheese from pig's milk.  After 40 hours of milking the pigs and several failed attempts, they were able only to produce a few pounds of cheese from the pig's milk.  From half a kilo of cheese that was produced, a part of it was sold to an anonymous buyer who said that the cheese tasted "chalky and a little bit salty".  This exclusive cheese was sold for a whooping price of $2,300 per kilogram. 

Although the exclusive cheese was quite expensive, the proceeds were donated to a children's charity.  Erik admitted that due to the huge number of man-hours required, making the cheese was probably a one-time thing.

"It's a product which has never been made before and a lot of people are very interested in it," Erik said. "We've only just recently tried to milk the sows. We're very happy with it all and although for us it's a one-time thing, if someone wants to give us £1,500 we'll make a kilo, but it's too intensive to make without an order."

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