Ellen DeGeneres Gives New Hampshire Waitress $10,000 For Picking Up Furloughed Solider's Tab (VIDEO)

Oct 22, 2013 11:43 AM EDT | By Dina Exil


Ellen DeGeneres gave a generous tip of $10,000 to a New Hampshire waitress who picked up the lunch tab of two National Guard soldiers affected by the federal government's shutdown, People reported.

Sarah Hoidahl, who works in Concord, N.H., said when the soldiers walked in her Ruby Tuesday restaurant, she was inspired to do something nice. Hoidahl picked up their $27.75 lunch tab.

"Thanks to the government shutdown, the people like you that protect this country are not getting paid," Hoidahl wrote on a note to the soldiers. "However, I still am. Lunch is on me! Thanks for serving, ladies! Have a good day!"

DeGeneres, 55, caught wind of the good deed after the servicewomen posted the note on Facebook. She invited Hoidahl to her daytime talk show and joked about paying her back for the $30 tab.

The TV personality said she was very touched by Hoidahl's kind gesture and presented her with a check for $10,000 on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show", New York Daily News reported.

Besides giving the 22-year-old waitress a check, the TV host also gave the single mother a 50-inch television, after learning her television broke. In response to receiving the unexpected gifts from DeGeneres, the waitress buried her face in her hands and thanked DeGeneres as the talk show host repeated, "You're a good person." 

Watch the incredible moment below:

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