Hallowen Uncool: Ghouls Expelled from School

Oct 22, 2015 08:20 PM EDT | By A. M.

On the ground of community diversity, a New Jersey primary school has decided to take a stand and ban Halloween celebrations. Seth Boyden school principal Mark Quiles and PTA presidents Amelia Riekenberg and Donna Upton called upon all parents in a letter saying, 

"One of the strengths of Seth Boyden is that we are such a diverse community, with many cultures represented, and that we truly value each one." 

The Halloween celebrations, from which 20% of the student population do not participate, belies this strength.

The New Jersey school had attempted to forego Halloween celebrations the previous year. This decision had to be reversed, however, following protests.  No preparation is made for Halloween this year.

The New Jersey Department of Education, through spokesperson Richard Vespucci, clarified that the department has no state-wide policy on these celebrations.  The onus instead is on the local school boards who make the decisions on such matters and who have accountability to their electorate who appointed them in the community.

Seth Boyden is not the first school to make this bold move.  The public schools of Milford in Connecticut attempted the same ban to protect diversity and to observe the preservation of political correctness.  

Principal Rosemarie Marzinotto of Live Oaks School explained the reason in a signed letter:

"Halloween parades will not take place in any Milford elementary schools... This decision arose out of numerous incidents of children being excluded from activities due to religion, cultural beliefs, etc. School-day activities must be inclusive. Halloween costumes are not permitted for students or staff during the day at school."

"Any type of classroom activity will be decided by the teacher and must be fall themed, not Halloween," she further wrote.  "Food is not an option."

Chief operations officer for Milford Public Schools Jim Richetelli attempted to defend the goal of respect for diversity,  "Milford Public Schools do have many children from diverse beliefs, cultures and religions.  

He added that the students should be allowed to feel comfortable rather than estranged when they come to school. 

The ban was rescinded after public petition.

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