3 Tips to Help You Kick the Alcohol Craving

Oct 27, 2015 03:00 PM EDT | By abbie uychiat

Alcohol abstinence may be a bit hard for regular alcohol drinkers. It's a struggle for them to do so and professional help may be required. As per Telegraph, quitting alcohol consumption can decrease life threatening illnesses.

A research from the University of London was able to come up with a conclusion that participants who quit drinking alcohol in a span of four weeks exhibited numerous health improvements. Their blood pressure became and cholesterol levels significantly improved and they have lower risks of acquiring liver diseases and diabetes.

It may be hard to abstain from consuming your favorite alcoholic drink; Telegraph however listed a couple of tips

Avoid Temptation

This may be easier said than done, but this is the first step in helping yourself get over alcohol cravings. Stay away from bars, as being surrounded by people drinking may increase your alcohol craving. Try looking for a different spot to hang out with your friends, such as the café, the mall, or somewhere alcohol free. By doing so, not only will you minimize you're alcohol craving, but you would be able to immerse yourself with new culture too.

Introduce a New Taste

Every time your alcohol craving would kick in, try introducing something new. Try something new and look for a healthier option such as fresh fruit juices. Continuous fresh fruit juice consumption can eventually cleanse your system that can help eliminate your alcohol cravings.

Go for a Buddy-Buddy system

Having a buddy in abstaining yourself from alcohol can be of great help. Motivating each other can go a long way and it would make it easier for you to diffuse your cravings. Instead of going on a drinking spree, try to engage on a different activity such as trying out a sport, or doing something new.

These may be self-help tips but WebMd was able to provide professional tips in seeking help from alcohol addiction.

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