Plan Check Burgers Have an Interesting New Condiment: Ketchup Leather

Nov 13, 2015 08:11 PM EST | By Mikey Blanco

A Los Angeles resto offers a unique experience to its diners. Where ketchup is used, Plan Check has ketchup leather, as Gizmodo pointed out. Yes, ketchup leather is not the most appetizing name and when you see it, well, you do not really know what to think of it.

Food Steez visited the restaurant and had this to say about the strange invention:

When he brought us into the kitchen one of the first things he pointed out was an odd red square that frankly looked like a fruit roll-up, nudging me to try it, I was quite excited to learn that it was actually dehydrated ketchup, what Chef Ernesto coined as Ketchup Leather, which rehydrates as soon as you put the patty on top without soaking the toasted bun.

Plan Check is the place to be if you are looking for American comfort food in select LA neighborhoods. According to their official website, Plan Check serves food in a small plate format with unique cocktails, premium whiskeys, and craft beers.

Their name came from the resto's first location that was adjacent to the Building and Safety Department. In here, hundreds of architects, developers, designers, and engineers stream in to get their plans reviewed and approved.

Plan Check "embodies the architectural/creative lifestyle and the culture that surrounds it, effortlessly blending vintage architectural office elements with industrial pieces, rich materials and a warm atmosphere."

The resto also takes pride in its burgers and chicken dishes. Food Steez says, "LA is a tough place to stand out, the sandwich game here is fantastic. But the Plan Check burger is a definite contender and an easy pick if you want to try out a new burger spot. They currently have three locations in Sawtelle, Fairfax, and Downtown so there is no excuse. I promise you will not be disappointed."

Check out Food Steez's video below:

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