Vegan Facts: Risk of Going Raw Vegan

Nov 17, 2015 04:20 PM EST | By abbie uychiat

One of the most popular diets is the 'raw vegan' diet, which is basically a Vegetarian or Mediterranean diet that is uncooked. Vegan diet is being backed upon by numerous celebrities and famous health buffs, it is a diet dedicated in restricting oneself in eating animal products which includes eggs and dairy.

The raw vegan diet on the other hand deems cooking as an unhealthy and unnatural process. Increasing number of celebrities openly talks about it benefits. It is said to prevent and even reverse numerous diseases.

Raw diet may sound promising, but it does however have its setbacks. As per the Live Science website, even doctors who would advise the patient to go vegan would warn their patients that would attempt raw diet.

One of the reasons is that it would reduce the food choices that you can eat. The website then debunked some myths that the raw diet is said to offer.

First is when that strongly believed that "cooking destroys nutrients". Raw food can be filled with nutrients, but cooking on the other hand breaks apart fibers and cellular walls. This being said, cooking helps release the nutrients that wouldn't be present if the food was eaten raw.

Second is when they stated that cooking destroys enzymes, which is actually true. Heat does destroy enzymes, but it doesn't really matter as humans are capable of producing their own digestive enzyme which is responsible for breaking down molecules into smaller ones.

Third is when they stated that raw foods are detoxifying. As per the website, dietary detoxification is known as an alternative medicine concept which has little scientific credibility. It is often stated that, both the liver and the colon needs detoxification, but fact is, toxins can accumulate anywhere in the body, not only in fatty tissues, but also in proteins and bone.

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