'Natural Liver Detox'; Is Detoxification Important?

Nov 18, 2015 06:50 PM EST | By abbie uychiat


Body detoxification is something that most individuals would opt to shed unwanted fats now a days, but weight loss shouldn't be the primary goal of detoxification, as some parts of the body, especially the liver needs to have the toxins released as much as possible to live a healthier life.

As per One Green Planet, there are natural ways to cleanse the liver, and it does not involve chemical contents as the cleansing process only involves organic ingredients.

To start the detoxification process, first is to of course kick off the habit of taking in alcohol, as it has a high probability to flood the liver with toxins. Alcohol itself is a toxin, and any form of alcohol will tire your liver in purifying the blood. In order to expedite the process flush your system with water [lemon water can be great too]. Avoiding the bad stuff should be a priority, "Flushing your liver is like giving your body a good pre-wash so your blood stays at optimal pH levels."

As per Huffington Post, Andrea Giancoli, MPH, RD, dietitian and spokeswoman for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics in Hermosa Beach, Calif. Then gave out her views in regards to the detox process.

"In reality, if you really want to detox your body the best thing to do is have a diet that has plenty of fiber, plenty of fruits and vegetables, a lot of whole grains, a lot of plant foods so that your immune system, your liver, kidneys, lungs and other organs in your body can naturally do their job to detox you on its own, we need to have more trust in our body's ability to do that, but we also need to feed our body the right foods so that it can be at its best."

Though she added that detox cleansing may only be good for a short period of time, it can however cause weight can in the near future. She then made it a point that detox or cleansing techniques are not sustainable as the body itself has a natural way to release the toxins.

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