Food Can be a Trigger Mechanism Of Human Feeling

Nov 18, 2015 06:56 PM EST | By Eva Etha Marie Monares

The brain is one of the most complicated yet interesting vital organs of the body. It is the command center of all the bodily functions, such as talking, eating, walking, and sleeping. The human brain never stops working. It never sleeps. Food on the other hand gives life. Everybody depends on food. It is one of the basic human physiological needs. But what does food have to do with the human brain?

Food is a great source of fuel for the brain. Without food, the command center of the body will not function well and eventually will cease working. The focus is not only of food alone, but what's in the food.

According to Harvard Health website, brain can function well or at its best when it receives the most nutritional food. Foods that are rich in nutritional value such as minerals, vitamins and antioxidants healthily fuel the brain and prevent it from experiencing oxidative stress. These oxidative stresses are waste from the oxygen that the body used and can harm cells.

Not all the time, people take good care of their body. They are not aware that the food they eat will have an effect on their brain's functions. They don't even know that the food they eat may even cause harm to their brain. For example, if a person eats refined food the brain will find it difficult to get rid of it. These refined foods contain refined sugar that may lead to mood disorders like depression.

One medical study shared that neurotransmitter serotonin produced in the gastrointestinal tract helps in the regulation of sleep and appetite and reduction of pain. The neurons in the gastrointestinal tract not only aid in digesting food, but also trigger emotions.

Probiotics are supplements that have good bacteria. A medical study showed that people who take probiotics have an improved idea of stress, have a good mental outlook, and of course have a decreased anxiety level. In the study, people who prefer traditional diet have lower risk of depression. This is beacuase a traditional diet has high amounts of nutritious foods.

People should try shifting to traditional diet. It means less greasy and processed foods on the table. This will lead to having a healhthier brain and more positive outlook in life.

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