Depression: Recent Studies Revealed That Hay Fever Can Cause Depression

Nov 20, 2015 05:00 PM EST | By abbie uychiat


Depression is one of the most rampant mental illnesses world-wide, and it does have numerous causes. It does have the same symptoms, some worse than the others. As per Web Md, people who are diagnosed with depression feel sad, lonely, and down for no specific reason. It is often felt after experiencing loss, life's struggles, or self-esteem issues. It is important to have depression treated as it can lead into a bigger mental health issue.

Though there isn't a "uniform" cause for depression, as each case is different, a research reported by Expose however stated that Hay fever can actually potentially depression. Recent studies reveal that there is a link between suffering from hay fever and being diagnosed with depression. It was stated that the inflammation caused by the allergies can trigger depressive symptoms.

As per the website, new research discovered that those who suffer from hay fever are four times more likely to develop depressive symptoms. It also stated that scientists believe that when the blood vessels and tissues inflamed due to the allergic reaction caused by the pollen, it triggers a harmful result to one's brain that can have a long term effect.

New evidence suggest however suggest that going through a constant low-level inflammation for a long period of time, like several months per se, could in fact affect an individual's mental health.

10,000 teenagers with hay fever and 30,000 without the allergy were monitored by the scientist at the National Yang-Ming University of Taiwan. After a couple of years they came into conclusion that some students were eventually diagnosed with bipolar disorder, which is also a form of depression in which an individual would undergo sever episodes of highs and lows. The results were then documented in the Journal of Psychosomatic Research, which revealed that teens who suffer from hay fever are more prone to being depressed as an adult.

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