Coffee Story: Introducing 'The World's Strongest Coffee' Death Wish

Nov 23, 2015 09:30 AM EST | By abbie uychiat


Coffee is one of the most consumed drinks worldwide. Not only does it give an individual a regular caffeine boost, but it's also loaded with health benefits.  As per Web Md, it is rich in antioxidants, which cleanse the body from toxins.

It may sound pleasing for the caffeine addicts, but some aren't after the health benefits. What they're actually looking for is the caffeine kick.That being said, the world's strongest coffee was manufactured.

A coffee shop in the upstate New York was able to come up with coffee which has twice the caffeine.  It did however take the owner Mike Brown, who is the owner of Saragota Coffee Traders, 7 years to come up with the coffee.

As per Eater, 'Death Wish' coffee is the world's strongest coffee. It took the company several weeks of testing and tasting a variety of different coffee strains and flavors for them to come up with the formula. Brown eventually found a method to mix a special roasting process and the perfect blend of coffee beans to create "the world's strongest coffee."

The company makes it a point that each cup contains twice the amount of caffeine as an average coffee serving. They did promise their customers that they'd be able to get their double dose in just a cup. Death Wish may be the strongest coffee in the world, but the company made sure that it strength won't kill its flavor.

The coffee is produced in Round Lake, New York. All of Saratoga Coffee Traders products are certified fair trade and are totally organic.

"The Death Wish Coffee" is available in one, two, or five pound bags, and the prices are as follows: a one pound bag costs $19.99, a two pound bag for $37.99, and the five pound bag for $79.00. upon purchasing the coffee, the customer would get to have two options, they can either have it ground, or whole beans. 

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