Food Servers: Are They the Carriers of Several Illnesses?

Nov 23, 2015 01:32 PM EST | By Sai Lopez


Few jobs are as busy as a food server's as they become more than just being one especially during the peak dining hours. This  means that for waiters and waitresses, their jobs don't end after they take orders or deliver the food to the customers. After doing these things, it also goes without saying that they still have to wipe tables, take the money to the cashier and sometimes, they also have to do some minor food preparations, all for the sake of pleasing the customers.

Of course, as customers, when it comes to food safety procedures, we really do expect that hygiene and health are given importance. But since they are not expected to touch your food, does it also mean to say that food severs are not supposed to wear gloves as well? If you'll try to look closely, food servers come in contact with your plate, your spoon and fork, knives and also your glasses. Unconsciously, this might have happened after wiping a table or touching the same things which may have been touched by others who may be ill at that time. 

These and all other forms of human contact with contaminated things can generate the passing of germs especially for food servers. This can unknowingly be passed on to customers by means of not-so-clean hands.

As we know, some customers have actually have left their napkins and, they might have just blown their noses into it. And at the same time, the food servers who waits on these tables will also have to handle these napkins and do more in order to clean the table of the previous customer's and prepare it for the next diners. In return, the same servers can also do the same thing for the new customers over and over again. It's a vicious cycle, when it comes to food safety. 

Thus, food servers are found to be one of the potential originator of various diseases. Considering that they are practicing healthy procedures, the fact that they are publicly exposed to the environment also exposes them to pathogens which speeds up the spreading through hand contact.

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