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endurance exercise

Endurance Exercise is not Always Good for Your Heart

In the pursuit of finding out various instances whether endurance exercise can generate adverse health impacts, Dr. Jeffrey Towbin together with his colleagues at the Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center, have been investigating about it.

playing in the snow

A Mother's Innocence That Will Surely Warm Your Hearts

A 101-year-old woman's delight in playing with snow reminds us that having that cold winter weather isn't bad for everyone after all.


Paying It Forward: Mysterious Coats on Lamp Posts Is a Story of Inspiration and Giving Back

Tara Smith-Atkins, a woman from Caledonia, with her five friends and seven kids tied 35 coats to various lamp posts. Why? The story of giving back unfolds here.

sitting on a couch

Are You a Couch Potato? Get up and Move, Sitting for a Long Period Has Adverse Health Effects

Regardless of whether or not a person exercises, it was found that prolonged sitting periods may actually have adverse health effects for an individual.

Moving for Better Health

Some Physical Activities Can Lead to Better Memory Performance, Study Says

Compared to some people who live a motionless lifestyle, a new study suggests that persons or for older adults who take more steps by either walking or jogging can be skilled in memory tasks way better.


A Life With Inner Peace: Yoga Being Offered for Rehabilitation in Prison

A yoga instructor named James Fox makes his way through the prison yard twice a week in order to lead a packed class. However, he adds, it's really not easy to arrange a schedule for him to enter the place since he always needs to consider the wait list.

Homeless New Yorker

A Home for the Homeless, an Opportunity to Live with Dignity

Statistics reveal a sad fact - more than half a million Americans sleep on the streets or spend their holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas in homeless shelters. Most of these Americans are poor children.

Relaxing under the hot sun

UN Says 2015 is the Hottest Year So Far

Scientists have already predicted that 2015 is likely to be the year that would be the hottest year, which urged them to say that the results aren't surprising to them anymore.

food safety

Thanksgiving: Have Fun, Relax, But Don't Forget Food Safety During Holiday Preparation

Clean, separate, cook and chill; these are just some of the food safety basics that you'll need to consider as you prepare for the Thanksgiving dinner for family and friends this year.

Preparing for Thanksgiving

Avoid Getting Burned During Thanksgiving Prep, Experts Tell You How

As a matter of fact, the records from the National Fire Protection Association shows that in the year 2013, it was found that across the country, Thanksgiving Day has garnered the most number of cooking fires accidents having 1,550 cases of the said incident.

Kansas Farmers, Home Cooked Meal

Healthy Food Effects Vary, Different People Respond to Eating the Same Meal

This week, as Israeli researchers write in the journal Cell, as our own respective bodies reacts to the same food very differently, it means that a diet may work wonders for some people but can do otherwise on you.

Daddy and Baby

Post-Natal Depression: Are New Dads at Risk as Well?

In a recent study, researchers found out that the anxiety that is felt upon the arrival of the newborn baby is as common as the postnatal depression, and the risks for men are nearly as high as for women.


Another E-Cigarette Accident: 29-Year-Old Suffered Facial Fractures, Fractured Vertebrae, and Teeth Damage

As soon as investigation results were released, it was found that the device that he was using wasn't properly configured which resulted to the explosion that can probably be the reason for him to be in a wheelchair for the rest of his life.

New born baby boy

A Cry From the Manger: Newborn Found in New York Church's Nativity Scene

A real-life newborn baby, with the umbilical cord still attached was found there. Currently, authorities are already searching for the person who left the child there.

Nurse cuts the umbilical cord of a newborn

Is Giving Birth on a Weekend Riskier Than on a Weekday?

Is giving birth on a weekend riskier than doing so on weekdays? Find out what experts have to say.

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Food Biz
Dickey’s Barbecue Pit

Dickey’s Barbecue Pit Launches Big Yellow Box Catering Options

Big Yellow Box by Dickey's Barbecue Pit is convenient and compact and is ideal for small groups, for any occasion.


Check out London's first and brand new cheese conveyor belt restaurant

London is now having its first-ever cheese conveyor belt restaurant, and it's going to be cheesy.

Food Tech
do sous vide

Why Should You Do Sous Vide in Your Kitchen

Sous Vide cooking has become a popular cooking technique in the last few years, with all the introduction of cooking shows to the mass media.

Direct Delivery

Shake Shack Upgrades App With Direct Delivery, and Caters Drive-Thru Only

The Shake Shack app now offers direct delivery.

Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf launches new app for direct delivery

You can now order your favorite drinks and snacks from Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf through their mobile app.

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