Avoid Getting Burned During Thanksgiving Prep, Experts Tell You How

Nov 26, 2015 08:48 PM EST | By Sai Lopez


It's Thanksgiving weekend and that only means a lot of time will be spent with family and friends especially in preparing for the big event - the holiday feast. But as a lot of rushing and cooking happens, having accidents from slight to severe injuries are commonly somehow to be expected.

As experts say, all year round, having cooking burns are already common, but when it's the holiday season, it seems that there is an increase with the number.

As per CBS News, as an emergency physician at the trauma, emergency surgery and critical care department at Massachusetts General Hospital and chief of the burn surgery service at Shriner's Hospital for Children, Dr. Robert Sheridan claims that such instances are common for them. He adds that especially for the holiday season, it's really one of those typical cases for them as more scenarios are possible to cause these incidents such as the pans containing turkeys and really hot grease.

As a matter of fact, the records from the National Fire Protection Association shows that in the year 2013, it was found that across the country, Thanksgiving Day has garnered the most number of cooking fires accidents having 1,550 cases of the said incident. Consequently, it turned out that such number is 230 per cent above average number of fire related accidents per day.

How injuries happen

Analysts say that one of the common culprits of having accidents in when a person comes in contact with hot pots or pans and getting splashed with scalding oil from a dish being fried on the stovetop. However, as experts have claimed, another risk factor that most people don't think of is when they wear loose-fitting clothes that usually can easily attract the flame.

Furthermore, Dr. James Gallagher, a burn surgeon at the William Randolph Hearst Burn Center at New York-Presbyterian Hospital and Weill Cornell Medicine adds that especially on big occasions and events like Thanksgiving, everyone needs to be extra careful. As the house would usually be full of little ones playing around and adults in the kitchen are rushing, it can really end up into scalding burns.

Get the right treatment

If by any chance that anyone, especially a child gets burned, experts advise to immediately run the affected area with cold water for 10 minutes.  Yes, just cold water for a first aid will do rather than coating the burnt part with butter, honey or other household remedies as they are ineffective as experts would usually say. Moreover, if these things are contaminated, it might actually worsen the problem and can lead to infection.

However, it would still be best, most especially if you are unsure; to seek help, like calling the local emergency department or urgent care center for an immediate medical attention.

Plan ahead to prevent injuries

Although there are really accidents which can be inevitable, always keep in mind that it can happen at any time. So, just be mindful of where young children are and keep them away from any hazardous things while cooking. Also keep in mind where children may be tempted to pull, you need to avoid placing hot and dangerous items on those surfaces.

Lastly, in order for you and for everyone to have a happy and safe holiday, experts suggests to slow down on cooking and take it easy, one at a time.

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