Honey Mustard Pretzel Mix and Honey Mustard Mix Products, Recalled by Ashdon Farms Due to Possible Allergy Threats

Nov 23, 2015 12:51 PM EST | By Sai Lopez


Ashdon Farms, from Waukesha, WI 53188 has just cautioned the public after they released their statements regarding their Honey Mustard Pretzel Mix that is sold under the brand of the Girl Scouts of the USA and Honey Mustard Mix sold under the Ashdon Farms, which were distributed to a number of its consumers on or before November 15,2015 being recalled after its milk content was not declared in the contains statement of its label. The authorities have already advised that those people with allergies to milk should no longer consume these products.

Consumption of these products especially for those with allergy to milk and severe sensitivity to milk would mean the possibility of developing the risk of a critical or life threatening allergic reaction.

According to the reports, the branded product of Girl Scouts of the USA packaged in 7 oz bags has been sold through Girl Scout Councils and online sales across the country. Ashdon Farms branded product in 8 oz bags (UPC 79113-41184) was found to have been sold through fund raising distributors nationwide.

Currently, in the pursuit to make sure that all products distributed to consumers on or after Nov 16, 2015 will correctly label the milk allergen content, Ashdon Farms is already making their corrections on their label at the distribution level. Furthermore, the company has strongly noted that only those products which have been distributed to consumers on or before November 15, 2015 was affected.

The company also claims that if they just based it on code date, the products that are subjected for correction at the distribution level cannot be determined. Moreover, as for the packages that are affected, they can be easily determined by looking at the contains statement that is found immediately below the ingredient listing. For those incorrectly labeled products, it reads "Contains: Cashews, Almonds, Soy, Wheat." And for the packages which was correctly labeled, it reads "Contains: Cashews, Almonds, Soy, Wheat, Milk."

Fortunately, no reports of illness or injury associated with the product has been found yet.

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