'Weight Loss Tips': Mindful Eating Aids in Weight Loss and Helps Eliminate Eating Disorders

Nov 24, 2015 07:25 AM EST | By abbie uychiat


Not everybody is aware of what mindful eating is, nor practice it in their daily lives. But little did we know that mindful eating has numerous benefits that can help an individual live a healthier life as it aids in weight loss, and promotes better metabolism.

According to Huffington Post, mindful eating can be of great help for individuals that are undergoing eating disorders. It was then stated that after 20 years of studies, it was concluded that mindful eating can help and individual lose weight and reduce one's body mass index, reduce overeating and binge eating, helps the individual cope with chronic eating problems such as bulimia, anorexia, and even reduces anxious thoughts about food and body.

The website then defined mindful eating as "plugging back into your body's cues", which gives you awareness in when to start and stop eating. Being mindful can also help you manage your emotions better, which eventually stops you from stress eating. It's already been a known fact that most individuals would normal "eat their hearts out", where in one would reach for food to soothe a stressful situation.

Psych Central then added that start out with the basic steps, as it is important to eat with yours senses. Turn off technology, try putting away your cell phone while eating, or refrain from watching TV while eating. Take time to savor every bite.

Elephant Journal then gave out tips in how an individual can practice mindful eating:

  • Relax the body and mind with a few deep breaths before eating.
  • Send gratitude to everyone who prepared your food.
  • Admire your food, notice all the shapes and colors.
  • Breathe in all the wonderful aromas of the meal.
  • Chew thoroughly, delighting in the depths of the flavors.
  • Relax for a few minutes before moving to the next event.

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