Depressed? This Should Be Your Diet

Nov 26, 2015 09:03 PM EST | By abbie uychiat

It's already been a known fact that depression can be linked to eating disorders. One's mental health has the capability to affect one's diet, or vice versa. Though there is no specific diet that can ease depression, there are however, some food that are capable of easing depression. A healthy diet is one of the best ways to minimize or at least boost happy hormones [endorphin] to relieve or combat depression.

As per Web Md, a high nutrient diet is often recommended as it supports the body's growth, repair, and wellness. Vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, and protein are usually recommended. Food rich in antioxidants are also advisable as they eliminate "free radicals" that are often produced in an individual's body. The damaging molecules [free radicals] contributes in cell damage, aging and bodily dysfunction.

Carbohydrates may be one on the food list that most individuals would avoid.As per studies however, there is a strong connection between carbs, and a person's mood. Carbohydrates and an individual's mood are often linked as studies revealed that carbs are being linked in boosting one's mood as it triggers serotonin production. Craving for carbs s often related to decreased serotonin activity though experts couldn't fully confirm yet.

As per Prevention website, most people would confuse 'comfort food' with stress eating.  Comfort foods are usually perceived as sugary, junk treats that can give you a quick endorphin fix, but it does not necessarily mean that options are limited.

As per the website, there are several alternatives that can give an individual the needed boost such as berries. These sweet treats are loaded with antioxidants which are rich in vitamin C, and are known to combat stress.

Nuts, most especially cashews are not just great snacks but great mood boosters as well. Cashews are fully loaded with zinc. Low zinc levels are usually linked to depression, which means that a handful of nuts can most definitely lighten your day.

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