Domino's Pizza will Change How You Look at Pizza Delivery

Nov 25, 2015 09:00 PM EST | By Denise Valerie Uychiat

Pizza is one of the most popular foods all over the world. People from across the globe, even when they're on a diet, can never say no to this calorie rich food. And with technology taking over almost everything recently, some pizza companies are making big improvements to their business schemes. 2015 has truly been a remarkable year for the pizza industry.

While Pizza Hut started making hotdog crust, Urban Outfitters announcing they'll be selling pizza in stores, and a new slice holder that hangs around your neck for instant pizza access. ​Domino's is transforming the ordering process as well. In May, they announced that ordering via Twitter using the pizza emoji will be possible. They probably think it's not enough, so they created another way to get your cheesy fix without having to leave your couch or interact with humans.

Domino's has pizza delivery to new heights. With more than half of its customers now ordering via its mobile apps, it's only fair to say that the famous pizza company made delivery a piece of fine art. However, at this time and age, there is always a way to shed some extra seconds off of the purchasing time. That's where "The Easy Order" comes into play.

Domino's Pizza came up with this brilliant idea that will make you look at ordering pizza the way you haven't before. The Easy Order comes in two forms: a physical form and a virtual button. The physical option is given by Flic and it is a magnetic button that can be programmed to do just about everything. It has been used to control different phone functions, like snoozing an alarm or taking a photo in the past. However, Domino's will pair this feature with an app using Bluetooth so it can become your delivery companion. All you need to do is save your address and payment details on the Domino's website or app and select your favorite order, and the rest will be taken care of.

Although the button feature is only available in the UK (at this time), the pizza company offers a different kind of Easy Order option in the United States. Pizza lovers can now pay via text, and order via their smart TV by simply using their voice.

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