Somali Food Is Abundant in Minneapolis!

Dec 01, 2015 12:39 AM EST | By Dianne


The restaurant industry has been a hit in the United States with the many cuisines offered from a lot of countries and nationalities. New York is considered a melting pot due to the diversity it has when it comes to the food industry. The well known dishes have always been Italian, Mexican, Asian and Jewish. But it is rare that we get to hear about Somali food. Not in Minneapolis though, because apparently, this place is like a haven for this kind of cuisine.

One of the most popular joints in this city is the Afro Deli and it was featured in an article published by Vice. The year was 1997 when the owner, Abdirahman Kahin came in this country from Somalia. It is funny how he didn't even plan to put up a restaurant when he first arrived. The man didn't even have any professional training in the business whether is it about being a chef or someone who would run a restaurant. But one thing he is sure of, he wants to be a businessman and he was very persevering in chasing after his dreams.

When he was interviewed by the publication, he revealed that there are now more than 60 Somali restaurants in this state and the majority of them are in the city of Minneapolis. His restaurant is the most famous one because of the intriguing dishes they are serving. Their 'Chicken Fantastic' is the one demand along with their 'Afro Steak Dinner.'

It is also highly recommended to end the meal with an amazing Somali sweet spiced tea. The chicken recipe they have is unbelievable with it being grilled along with vegetables and Parmesan cheese. It is also partnered with their traditional Somali basmati rice. In case one is looking for the best Somali restaurant in the United States, Minneapolis is the go-to.

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