'Effective Diet Tips': Healthy Food Differ For Each Individual

Dec 01, 2015 11:20 AM EST | By abbie uychiat

Most individuals would usually wonder on what specific diet would suit them. Some would go all vegan, tried paleo diet, juicing, and even high protein diet but it doesn't seem to work. Some individuals on the other hand, eat almost anything yet they tend to lose weight and metabolize food easier. With this being said, each person's diet actually differs as each individual's metabolic rate is different.

As per Yoganonymous , the Israeli study which was published in Cell stated that a personal nutrition versus group diet plans does have a huge difference. The study was joined by 800 individuals whose blood sugar levels were tracked. It was then suggested that even if all individuals eat the same meals, it will show various results as it is being metabolized differently since each person's metabolism differs from each other.

The recent study was able to come into conclusion that the glycemic index of any food does not have a specific value, but rather, it depends on the individuals metabolism.

As per the website, the researchers measured the data through questionnaires, body measurements, blood tests, glucose monitoring, stool samples, and various mobile applications used to report lifestyle and food intake. Each participant then received the same meals.

"Measuring such a large cohort without any prejudice really enlightened us on how inaccurate we all were about one of the most basic concepts of our existence, which is what we eat and how we integrate nutrition into our daily life," says Elinav, of Weizmann's Department of Immunology in the report. "In contrast to our current practices, tailoring diets to the individual may allow us to utilize nutrition as means of controlling elevated blood sugar levels and its associated medical conditions."

An article on 'Glycemic Index: Weight Loss Sham or Sensation?' then pointed out that there is a weak evidence that supports GI diets in healthy individuals. The GI diet however is quite effective for individuals who are monitoring their glucose from time to time. 

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