Diet Not Working? You May Have a Ton of Excuses

Dec 01, 2015 10:41 PM EST | By Pao Uychiat


New Year is coming soon. This simply means that many people are going to make their resolutions. Some want to be more positive with the New Year and new chances coming, some want peace of mind and the most popular among the list is people making resolutions to lose weight or become more fit and healthy.

However, how many people actually follow through this resolution all throughout the coming year? What are the most common reasons why they fall off the wagon just within the first few weeks of the New Year? An article in India Times has detailed information on the common reasons and excuses of people who refuse to continue with the diet.

Reason number one is Time. These are people who say time is the reason for their diet not working. In this day and age everyone lives a very fast-paced life. They are trying to strike a balance between work, home and personal relationships. However, no matter how busy everything is, if you are dedicated to losing weight then you would always find a way to make time for it. As they say, if you want something so bad, no matter what happens, there is always a time and way to do things. Don't just go on a diet without exercise. Make sure to eat small frequent meals and for snacks you can choose to munch some nuts or salad.

Reason two is Mood. When the feeling isn't good is it a good reason to binge eating? Remember that no matter bad the day was; don't think that food will be the one to solve this feeling. When you start to eat, one scoop of ice cream, slice of pizza or a bar of chocolate may eventually lead to more and you'll end up regretting this choice. Whenever you have this kind feeling, try to divert your mind to something that can keep you busy.

Reason three is expensive diet food. Some people have this notion that when going on a diet it needs to be expensive and therefore they can't keep up with the expenses. The solution is simple, stock up on fresh vegetables and fruits and tries to keep the serving sizes small.

Lastly, we have metabolism. Some people have good and quick metabolism and some don't. Slow metabolism isn't an excuse to stop going on a diet. This is actually a good reason to be more strict with the food you consume so that there is limited storage of calories.

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