Change Healthy Snacks that are Secretly Making People Fat

Dec 02, 2015 01:40 PM EST | By Pao Uychiat


In the midst of the fast paced life, this generation opts to make healthy food and lifestyle choices. Thanks to technology, a lot of people can just use the Internet to look up for the best diet for them in order to control their weight and stay fit. 

According to The Indian Express, there are foods that belong to the "healthy snacks" category like cereal bars and bran-flakes that are actually full of sugar. They provide a temporary boost of energy but eventually eating one will make you gain weight.

Granola Cereal Bars
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According to Sarah Schenker, a nutritionist said that for snacks, they should choose low-energy releasing food and avoid smoothies or fruit juices. She said that "So many people are misled by snacks which we're told are healthy. In reality people need to think about the nutritional content and how that can help you maintain your energy levels."

After her statement in the Daily Mail, she made some recommendations about how to swap your snacks to healthy ones that you can consume without feeling guilty that it makes you gain weight. To begin with she said that low-fat biscuits must be swap for oatcakes with hummus. Oatcakes contain low sugar content than many low-fat biscuits being sold in supermarkets and most of all it's a great source of fiber.

Cereal bars can be changed to peanut butter on whole wheat toast. This snack is packed with hidden sugar which has natural source of protein and helps to maintain the energy levels which is best for the big and busy day ahead. Schenker said that eating snacks has a negative impact that people need to overcome. This is the reason why she introduced a convenient and nutritious food that may help people forget about the stigma of snacking and become healthier and more active.

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