Cascara: The Tea in the World of Coffee

Dec 02, 2015 09:06 AM EST | By abbie uychiat


Coffee lovers are awesomely thrilled as a new tea brew emerged. As per NPR, Cascara is a drink which is tea like, with a hint of fruity flavor as well as plenty of caffeine. It can also be bought almost everywhere as it continually grows in popularity.

Aida Batlle, is a 5th generation coffee grower in El Salvador, whose coffee have won numerous international awards, Batlle first came up with the brew, which is now recongnized all throughout the globe.

"So immediately I got curious with it, and I just picked through it, cleaned it, and then put it in hot water, to see what it was like. Then I called my customers at the time, and I was like, 'Oh, my God, you have to try this. I'm going to send you a sample.'"

Cascara is a Spanish word, which means the skin of a fruit. Though most individuals don't consider it as such, but coffee is actually a fruit. Batlle first used the processed coffee's skin, in which she would dry it as a whole then have it milled. It then produces fine flakes, which is similar to tea inside the tea bags. She then started to use the skin of coffee that are already washed to have the pulp removed before it is being dried.

As it continues to grow in popularity cascara have already earned a spot on most coffee shops worldwide. One of which is in Deer Isle, Maine, where the drink has already earned a permanent spot on the chalkboard at 44 North Coffee Roasters.

Two sellers, Megan Wood and Melissa Raftery immediately fell in love with the drink after tasting it. They then decided to sell in in El Salvador coffee shops, they also made it available for bulk orders.

"It's a tropical, berry fruit that just happens to be coffee, not tea - it's 100 percent coffee. But it smells like herbal tea. It's a great cold drink, because it's refreshing, and it's caffeinated, it's kind of like nature's Red Bull."

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