5 Effective Ways to Lose Skinny Fat

Dec 03, 2015 12:17 PM EST | By Denise Valerie Uychiat


When we talk about losing weight, you can almost imagine a sea of hands raising up and confirming that they too want to shed those extra pounds. To be fit, there are several areas that need to be toned to be considered fit or in shape. However, some of these "problem areas" can be pretty stubborn. These belligerent, unwanted fats were given the name 'skinny fat'.

'Skinny Fat' refers to those extra pounds we always want to lose, but for some reasons, just can't. You know those annoying tummy rolls that just can't seem to get enough of showing itself? How about the muffin top sneaking out of your tight jeans, and that block of fat in our inner thigh that our nine-year-old nephew makes fun of.

Are we going to always be running after the numbers? Will there ever be a time when we'll genuinely be contented of our body? When we finally reach the number we are aiming for, will it be considered nirvana, or are we going to fight through a lot of factors to be able to stay there? These are only some of the questions that most girls would ask themselves.

So how do you lose weight when you're a 'skinny fat' person?

Losing weight usually starts with having a peaceful mental state so that we can stop ourselves from overindulging or emotionally eat, or If we can't totally stop it, then at least try to minimize the food intake. It's a little bit ironic when you really think about it, because the more we obsess about our weight, the more we focus on food. And you all know what happens when we spend our free time thinking about food? We eat!

Here are some of the tips the author gathered (that actually really work) to help us:

1.       Avoid the cruel social media that make you feel crappy about yourself, or at least don't make it the first thing you look at in the morning.

2.       Always treat yourself kindly by eating food that will actually be good for you.

3.       Don't be afraid of lifting weights, abs are known as the new skinny, didn't you know?

4.       Don't spend too much time weighing yourself. Most people when they work so hard to lose weight, when they see that they only shed a few pounds, they get disappointed and stop exercising.

5.       Meditate. Meditate. Meditate. It's amazing how effective meditation can be in your diet.

Interested to know more? The rest of the fitness author's tips are found here.

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