Can't Stop Smoking? Blame It On the 'Pleasure Gene'

Dec 03, 2015 11:25 PM EST | By abbie uychiat


Some individuals have been doing their best to kick off their smoking habit. From using nicotine patches, to nicotine gums, and even resort to using e cigarettes, but they just couldn't kick off their nicotine craving.

As per Mirror, scientists have discovered the reason on why some people would find it hard to kick off their habit compared to others. It was stated that a 'pleasure gene' is responsible on why some vices are harder to kick off than the other.

The recent research stated that : "People are less or more able to give up cigarettes depending on what forms of the protein they carry." This being said, it gives experts a more effective, personalized treatment to help the patient kick off the habit.

The gene being discussed is known as the pleasure gene, which is dubbed as Taq1A plays a vital role in processing dopamine. It is a chemical in the brain which releases the happy hormones which is linked to pleasure and reward that is being released when a person smokes, or is under vices.

As per Daily Mail, Scientists at Zhejiang University in China were able to come into conclusion that individuals with A2/A2 genes were able to quit smoking easier.

Dr Yunlong Ma, of Zhejiang University stated that one of the most preventable cause of several diseases is smoking.

'Cigarette smoking is the most common preventable cause of many diseases that contribute to about six million deaths worldwide each year. Twin and family studies indicate smoking behaviours are influenced by both genetic and environmental factors. There exists a considerable interest in identifying genetic factors encouraging smoking cessation, of which the heritability is estimated to be about 50 per cent.'

Their findings, which was published in Transnational Psychiatry gave out additional evidences that genes plays an important factor on why an individual would find it hard to kick off the habit rather than just will power alone.

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