Juicing and Blending Fruits and Vegetables: Healthy or Unhealthy?

Dec 04, 2015 02:00 PM EST | By Pao Uychiat


Many articles on the internet are claiming that one of the best ways to lose weight is to use the juicing process. Whenever you go to the shopping malls, you'll be able to see many blenders that are on sale, or many smoothie or juice bars that are newly opened that offer different blends that claim they are good for everyone's health.

However, are these claims backed up by solid evidences proven by science? An article written in Stuff said that juicing is the process of separating the fruits from their pulp.

A research conducted by US Hospital, Mayo Clinic said that the insoluble fiber and the nutritional contents are stored in the pulp. During the process of juicing, the pulp is being discarded which leaves the drink with less healthy goodness than what we all expected.

Juicing is less healthy because of the volume of fruits required to make a glass, this is scientifically confirmed. For example, a cup of orange juice needs about four oranges. Each orange has about nine to 10 grams of sugar in fructose form. Therefore one cup of homemade orange juice has about 40 grams of sugar which has the same sugar content as a can of Coke.

Blending can be a good contrast to juicing as it blends even the pulp. Research shows that maceration or blending process however, heats and oxygenates the fruits and vegetables and degrades the vitamins and mineral content they have.

Many have claimed that the damage done by blending is blown out of proportion. There is scientific research that proves during blending the nutrients are lost, nobody in particular can actually tell how much. The reality is that as soon as fruits and vegetables are harvested it already starts to degrade. Blending, juicing or cooking it that expose them to oxygen and heat continues to lose more nutrients.

So if you're considering buying a juicer/blender/cold-press/extractor for the holidays, please do so. But please don't be deceived by any other idea except that it helps you consume fruits and vegetables in a more convenient and quick way.

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