Foodie Fun Facts: Oprah's Favorite Bagel Hybrid Is Now Available at Starbucks

Dec 09, 2015 07:00 AM EST | By abbie uychiat (

Foodies can now have access to Oprah's favorite bagels. Most fans are aware what Bantam Bagels Bagel Balls are, as it is often endorsed by Oprah and is founded by Shark Tank. The sweet creamy treat continually roused the interest of foodies all throughout the state. The cream cheese stuffed pastry is always on the "sold out list" as it does not last long in shelves.

As of Pop Sugar the only way for you to get a taste of the well-loved pastry is to make your way into New York's West Village neighborhood, have it delivered [at a high price] or through catering options within New York.

Though the odds of getting it are close to zero Starbucks on the other hand made a remarkable gesture that pleased most pastry lovers. The company decided to have the sweet cream filled pastry in their shop, and added a twist to it. They decided to offer the bagel in their menus with three different flavors which are the "original", "French toast", and "everything". These menus are available in most of New York locations, and also in Philadelphia and Indianapolis, which is a huge leap in giving foodies an access to the "doughnut holes of the bagel world."

The said bagels are actually part of "Oprah's Favorite Things" which is a list of 5 items under $100. The list which was reported by the Today Home website included crocheted hats from Garnet Hills which is $40 a piece. Pinecone Hill's Sheepy Fleece Robe is also part of her list as it comes with different colors. Oprah also loved the Minted's Heart Snapshot Mix Photo Art which only costs $29 for the unframed photo. And of course the Mini Filled Bagel Balls Variety Pack from Bantam Bagels which costs $36 for 36 mini bagel bites. In addition to the list, the website also added numerous gift ideas for your loved ones just in time for the holidays. 

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