5 Energy Boosting Foods That Are Not Coffee

Dec 14, 2015 01:20 PM EST | By Alexis Villarias


Eating the right food throughout the day can keep your energy levels up in a persistent way. No more over-caffeinated or sugar-rushed or days as Fox News made an ultimate guide to keep you going all day.

When you're pressed for time and lack the energy, the easiest thing to keep you going is a cup of coffee or a candy bar. This can be a quick fix, but this unhealthy habit can affect your health later on.

Now, these five healthy foods can sustain your energy level without the "spike and crash" effect of caffeine and sugar. These healthier options can help you focus and feel less sleepy throughout the day.

Here's the list of five energy boosting foods that doesn't contain any caffeine:

1.     Chia Seeds

This has been part of the Aztecs and Mayans diet during 3500 B.C. A staple food around this time, the chia derived its name from the Mayan word which means "strength". It has been considered magical long ago as it can increase stamina and energy for long periods of time.

Chia seeds have once more regained its title as a superfood. One tablespoon of the seeds contains 5 grams of protein, a good amount of omega-3 fatty acid, magnesium, calcium potassium and the antioxidant quercetin. Best added on yogurt, oatmeal, smoothies, pasta or baked goods.

2.     Oatmeal

A bowl of oatmeal in the morning can boost your energy for hours. It slows down carbohydrate absorption keeping your blood sugar levels stable. You may add different flavours like cinnamon, nutmeg or apple pie seasoning so you won't get bored with the same bowl every morning.

3.     Crimini Mushrooms

These mushrooms are browner in colour and have a firmer texture. A great source of B vitamins including riboflavin, niacin and pantothenic acid, these are best ingredients for soups and stews. You may also want to add them in stir-frys, chilli or salads.

4.     Tea

This has been proven to treat anxiety and improve concentration. It contains L-theanine which gives you an alert but calm state.  From the created, this is the only that contains a little caffeine.

5.     Eggs

Eggs are a great source of protein, iron and zinc. Not only known to keep you feeling full and building up your muscles, it is also a great source of energy. It is suggested to have one whole egg and one or two egg whites for added protein. You may also add them on your stir-frys, salads and sandwiches.

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