Be in the Loop: 3 Food Trends, Including Liquid Meal Replacements, for the New Year

Jan 04, 2016 08:00 AM EST | By Crissy Villa

What better way to start the New Year than to see what's trending in 2016? And who else can make these legit predictions other than new Forbes contributor and TASTE: Surprising Stories and Science About Why Food Tastes Good author Barb Stuckey?

Here are 3 of her exciting food predictions:

1.       Go Expensive

You read that right, folks. It's not hip to search for food bargains anymore. Everyone knows that going for more expensive items, whether you're talking about gourmet smoothies or organic eggs, is worth the steep price. Being expensive means the quality is more sophisticated, and of course, who can ignore the high safety standards of these pricey items' preparation process? Consumers would rather be safe than sorry. According to a study, most people are also willing to part ways with their hard-earned money for better food.

2.       Veggie Pizza, Fried Chicken, and Burgers

With all the scary news about the prevalence of cancer in our society and how eating animal based food, especially red meat, might be causing the disease, more people are leaning towards plant-based food. Even your milk can be derived from other sources aside from cows and goats. Ever heard of almond milk? It's your milk alternative - just as delicious as the milk you're used to and organic with only three ingredients: almonds, water and Himalayan salt.

3.       Liquid Meal Replacements

On the go and have no time to wolf down an entire meal, specifically breakfast? Not to worry. You have plenty of options. Think of cereals you can drink; just add hot water! How about the superfood smoothies - just blend, blend, blend all the greens you can think of, and your meal is not only healthy, you can drink it anywhere as well. Even the blenders are getting smaller, equipped with "on-the-go" bottles which you can use to blend and bring with you at the same time.

With these three food trends, you won't be left behind this year. Be on top of your game and ready to conquer just about anything with these trends. You can read more about Barb Stuckey's predictions here.  

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