10 Baby Steps to A Healthier and Better You This 2016

Jan 06, 2016 02:20 AM EST | By Florence May P. Jose


Most of us see the brand new year as a new beginning, a chance to start again and a brand new, clean slate. Some of us wants to save more money while some promised to do better at work. But the one thing that almost everyone includes in their New Year's resolution is to be healthier-or at least try to be healthy in general.

You don't need to sign up for a gym membership or starve yourself and follow an extreme diet in order to stay true to your word, or spend much money for skin treatments. following these tips from health and fitness experts can help you reach your goal through baby steps.

1) Make taking off your morning-after makeup even easier. 

More experts are advising women to use oil as cleansers and make up removers instead of the traditional facial wash. According to them, oils gently dissolve even long-wear makeup, cleanse the face, and improve barrier function of the skin all in a single step.

2) Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Then hydrate some more.

Experts cannot reiterate more, it is important to stay hydrated not only for beauty reasons, but for your health in general. "Maintaining hydration levels will help you quickly eliminate toxins in the body, particularly from alcohol," says Amanda Foti, Senior Dietitian for Selvera Wellness

3) When water isn't enough, revisit a childhood drink. 

Because the season of partying and celebrations here and there has already ended, Dr. Sobel, a dermaologist, recommends drinking Pedialyte. "It has nutrients that will help the body retain water without puffiness and rehydrate your body," she explained.

4) Make small diet changes to get your body back on track. 

Foti tells us, "for the average healthy individual, detoxifying mechanisms exist right in their own organs. Our bodies are very efficient at pulling out the toxins and excreting them as necessary." But, due to the recent change in our lifestyle, food intake and sleeping pattern, we might find ourselves struggling to get back on track. It is now time to make small changes for the better.

5) Try planks for a flatter belly faster. 

Sit ups are so yesteday. Fitness experts suggest the he full-body plank, which is a simpler way of working out the abs. i"Among other benefits, it helps eliminate belly bloat," says David Kirsch, Celebrity Trainer and Author of Ultimate Family Wellness

6) Moisturize smarter. 

Toss your thick creams and opt for the watery, light skin moisturizers for they help in holding more water in the skin.

7) Do yoga, even if you feel like you can't. "

The key to yoga as a hangover helper is to heal the places the alcohol has attacked," explains Lauren Imparto in her new book Retox: Yoga*Food*Attitude

8) Replenish potassium. 

Your body needs nutrient replenishing after a night of partying and alcohol, especially potassium. Eat bananas or baked potato and get your body back on track.

9) Pop a supplement. 

We are in the time wherein eating right doesnt solve all our health issues. So, in order for our body to cope up with all the stress we go through, taking supplements is quite a good idea. 

10) Get motivated to work out by booking discounted fitness classes. 

January is the month when gyms offer massive discounts on membership. Take advantage of it and enroll yourself in fitness classes. It can be spinning, zumba or yoga.

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