27 Best-Loved Cheese and Bread Combinations Around The World: Panino, Banerov Hatz, Cuñapé, MORE

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The defaults American grilled cheese and English toastie have a few other localized versions around the world. From rasgulla to croque monsieur, the range of cheese and bread partnership is impressive. the Here are some of the most interesting and beloved combinations of bread and cheese from different parts of the world as compiled by Food Republic and reported by The Huffington Post.

Grilled Cheese Sandwich in America

From a plain combination of bread and cheese to inclusions of other ingredients, the American grilled cheese sandwich is a filling classic.

Banerov Hatz in Armenia

In this Armenian specialty, cheese mixed with onions is spread upon thin, pizza-like dough.

Rasgulla in Bangladesh

The rasgullah is on the sweet side and is made of Indian cottage cheese called chhena, semolina dough doused in syrup.

Cuñapé in Bolivia

The cuñapé is crispy outside, soft inside and is made of either tapioca or cassava flour.

Pao de Queijo in Brazil

This Brazilian treat is like the Bolivian cunape in texture and is made with Parmesan.

Pan de Bono in Colombia

This Colombian bagel is made up of feta cheese, egg, quesito, cornmeal and starch.

Smorrebrod in Denmark

This is rye bread with butter and meat, pickled or smoked fish and cheese slices.

Toastie in England

The English toastie is bread slices smeared with butter and grilled with cheese.

Croque Monsieur in France

This is nutty cheese, usually Gruyere, sandwiched by slices of bread, doused by bechamel with nutmeg and either baked or broiled.

Khachapuri in Georgia

Butter, quick-melt cheese, eggs, feta cheese, flour, olive oil, salt and dry yeast make up the Khachapuri.

Flammkuchen in Germany

The flame cake is actually the German pizza version.

Tiropsomo in Greece

Warm bread and feta cheese make up the Greek tiropsomo.

Langos in Hungary

The basic langos is fried bread covered in shredded cheese and sour cream.

Paneer Paratha in India

Paneer cheese and unleavened bread doused in spices are fried before serving.

Beer and Cheese Soda Bread in Ireland

This Irish favourite combines sharp cheese and beer in a bread.

Panino in Italy

The panino bread and cheese slices are grilled to make this Italian offering.

Mochi Bread With Cheese in Japan

In Japan sticky, rice flour mochi is filled with cheese.

Kepta Duona in Lithuania

Bread is cut into strips, fried and topped with cheese and mayonnaise.

Molletes in Mexico

This combines manchego cheese in a scooped baguette or hard roll with butter, ham and beans

Chipa in Paraguay

The chipa is a small cheese and bread ring usually sold in the streets or served at Easter.

Cheese Ensaymada in the Philippines

This Philippine treat is made of spongy bread topped by butter and shredded cheese.

Syrove Tycinky in Slovakia

This bread stick is combined with cream cheese and grated cheese.

Braaibroodjie in South Africa

Cheddar cheese, onion, tomato, fruit chutney are sandwiched in bread slices and grilled.

Bocadillo in Spain

This is crusty Spanish bread filled usually with goat cheese.

Cheese Fondue in Switzerland

This is speared bread chunks dipped in hot melted Gruyere and Emmental cheese with cornstarch and white wine in a fondue pot.

Welsh Rarebit in Wales

The Welsh Rabbit is mostly cheese sauce with spices and mustard smeared on bread.

Khaliat Nahal in Yemen

This is honeycomb bread filled with soft cheese and doused in sweet syrup.

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