Surprising Facts On What Causes Obesity Out of Fattening Deserts

Jan 06, 2016 10:20 AM EST | By Gelli Chua

If you think wrong supermarkets are the only sources of fattening deserts, think again. New research studies reveal that lack of nutrition education and transportation to the grocery store selling the right food are the main causes.

Di Zeng of the University of Arkansas, presented his research findings in San Francisco, according to Food Navigator USA. Di Zeng argues that refusing to walk to the grocery stores put on weight.

Kelly D. Brownell, a director of Yale University's Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity, said on the contrary:

"It is always easy to advocate for more grocery stores,"

"But if you are looking for what you hope will change obesity, healthy food access is probably just wishful thinking."

Helen Lee used children as examples of the victims of this stigma:

"I knew where the children lived, so let's take the middle of that neighborhood,"

What is the nearest grocery store? What is the nearest convenience store?"

Many surmise that poor urban neighborhoods are usually the victims of poor food nutrition., according to The New York Times.

Meanwhile, another Gall Up poll report state that income, not food deserts, is what mainly causes obesity. The Gall Up stated that:

"'Food deserts' are typically defined as either an area that has limited access to grocery stores or as an area that is low-income and lacks access to grocery stores. Regardless of which definition is used, what is clear is that the lack of access to grocery stores alone is not related to higher obesity rates -- rather, it is more a lack of income."

People are more willing to spend money on healthier, more expensive food if they are wealthier. People just go about with what they have if they are poorer. They do not care how money would impact their health in the long run.

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