The Pound a Day Diet: Lose Weight by Actually Eating

Jan 21, 2016 07:50 PM EST | By Florence May P. Jose

As time goes by, people are inventing new diet fads that are actually contradicting to the ancient weight loss trends that surfaced before; Before 2016, you can only eat a taco during cheat days, but now, it is a cleanse.

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Back then, eating chocolates and drinking red wine are for comfort, not for the ones who want to shed some pounds. Now, it is said to do wonders on our health and aid in weight loss as well.

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By the looks of it, people are beginning to separate diet and punishment and slowly, these weight loss methods become more and more convenient to people, to the point that it is as if they are not dieting.

The time has come for the diet that, we are guessing, everyone waits for, a diet which promises to make you lose weight by eating.

Rocco DiSpiritu used to weigh 30 pounds more than the standard weight of an 43 year old man. He has undergone medications to treat his cholesterol and high blood pressure.

"My food was as rich, lush, and indulgent as it gets. Everything was carefully considered with one exception: Was it healthy?" he told PEOPLE. 'These drugs will also affect libido, so when you need a prescription for Viagra, just call me,' and I was like, whoa," he narrated.

That, for him, was the "impetus for the whole thing". He decided to lose weight and committed himself to rigorous training such as joining triathlons. Following a strict diet of mostly, as what he calls them, "bars and goos", that don't taste good. Of course, he started to lose weight, but he knew that he wasn't to keep the lost weight off through his new lifestyle, so he decided to "experiment" and shake things a little bit.

"I started experimenting, and now this way of cooking is hard-wired into my brain and not a question anymore," DiSpirito said. He began to take his experiments to the kitchen and cook "healthful and high-flavored meals".

Modeled after the meals DiSpirito ate to lose weight, he designed The Pound a Day Diet which promises to make you lose five pounds in the first five days-followed by a significant and noticeable transformation in three months. It is his fourth health and fitness cookbook to be published.

During the initial month, your calorie intake on weekdays should be limited to just 850 calories per day, and 1,200 calories during the weekends. It may sound a little to small but the author swore by his invented recipes that will not make you "depressed and starving".

"If you don't cook you're not in control, you've completely given up your power, because most of what's available is really bad for you and we've become blind to it," he says.

There are also suggested store-bought meals, snacks and drinks can be swapped in for every recipe, for those who have excuses not to make their own meals.

DiSpirito's cookbook and guide is limited to once you reach your target weight. For the maintenance, he suggests following the Mediterranean Diet-which is more on fruit and vegetable intake, along with whole grains, nuts and olive oil as the recipes' base.

He also suggests eating your meals the European way-"People sit and talk a lot, like when you eat in Italy you have fun, it's a magical exchange of energy. That's a big part of not filling the void with unhealthy junk food," he says.

DiSpirito is known as a nutrition advisor and coach to celebrities like Sherri Shepherd, Joy Behar and Jes Gordon.

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