7 Food Vices that are Actually Good for You

Jan 25, 2016 06:29 PM EST | By Florence May P. Jose

Are you a certified food addict? Fret not! Food Network gathered 7 food vices that are actually good for you! These gulity pleasures are supposed to be guilt free after all!

1.     Cheese

In case you missed it, there is a study that concluded that cheese can possibly kill cancer cells in the body! Researchers from the University of Michigan tested a preservative found in cheese called 'nisin' that help reduce tumors in mice, considering the possibility that it will have the same effect on humans. Keep your fingers crossed, cheese lover!

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2.     Champagne

It just not brings pops every new year celebration, a weekly consumption of champagne can do wonders to your mental health. According to a study by researchers from Reading University in 2013, regular champagne drinking "help delay the onset of degenerative brain disorders, such as dementia". So, cheers, everyone!

3.     Coffee

Did you know that drinking a cup of coffee three to five times a day is associated to lower morality? Plus a lot more wonders coffee does to your body!

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4.     Beer

A 110-year old woman named Agnes Fenton credits beer as one of the reasons of her long life span. She said she drank 3 beers (and whiskey) every single day, for at least 70 years! If that wont make you grab a bottle now, studies have also shown that beer makes our bones stronger, plus prevent formation of kidney stones and boost our heart strength! We wonder why beer isn't one of the super foods yet.

5.     Peanut Butter

Are you a PB addict? Well, that's a good thing! Peanuts, on their own, are super rich in protein plus a lot more minerals such as magnesium, potassium, phosphorous and zinc. Also, studies have shown possible effects of peanut butter that lowers the risk of heart disease and decreases blood pressure.

6.     Grilled Cheese

This snack may be the ultimate comfort food, but did you know it could give your ehem, sex life, some bonuses too? A recent study found out that people who loves eating grilled cheese have more sex than those who dislike the treat.

7.     Red Wine

This may be the best thing that happened to the weight loss process. Studies have been linking red wine consumption with shedding the extra pounds.

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