Top 10 Food Channels in YouTube you should Check Out!

Feb 10, 2016 05:50 PM EST | By Florence May P. Jose

If you are the type of person who needs constant food and cooking inspiration, you might want to check out these 10 YouTube channels that will definitely feed you not just with yummy food recipes, but also with quirks and stories, making you feel that you are friends wherever you are in this world.

1. Cooking with Dog 

Country: Japan

Subscribers: 1,125,557

With a total of a whopping 140+ million views of all his videos, it is quite amusing to stumble upon a cooking show that is narrated by a dog. Due to its unique and cute format, millions of people around the globe are enjoying food related videos in this channel. You would be lying if you say Francis, the adorable poodle, doesn't make watching food better.

Be sure to watch: How to make Bento Lunch Box ; How to make Nikuman (Chinese Steamed Pork Bun) (LINK)

2. The Simple Cooking Channel

Country: Australia

Subscribers: 1,075,591

If you are looking for the simplest way of explaining and instructing how to get food (and other kitchen magic) done, you should definitely watch out for The Simple Cooking Channel every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday, wherein they upload a new video weekly!

Added to the charm of this channel, the host occasionally cooks with his adorable daughter and lets her assist him in easy to do sweet treats!

We recommend watching: How to make chewing gum; How to make Chicken Nuggets


Country: Britain

Subscribers: 1,437,686

"Perfectly resting on the line between entertaining and informative", videos uploaded in this channel by friends Jamie Spafford, Ben Ebbrell, Barry James Taylor and Mike Huttlestone have been making waves in the Youtube world. Ebbrell is the sole professionally trained cook in the bunch, but the three dudes really contribute to their channel's friendly personality!

Watch: Full English Breakfast Recipe; How to make Cronuts

4. Epic Meal Time

Country: Canada

Subscribers: 6,988,065

As self-confessed "Jackass in the kitchen", ten bacon-obsessed men are not just having fun on camera and uploading them to Youtube, they also had Tony Hawk and Arnold Schwarzengeer as guests that definitely helped them in reaching millions of views.

Watch: Fast Food Lasangna; 100 Pound Pizza

5. Laura in the Kitchen

Country: USA

Subscribers: 2,198,321

If you are looking for cooking tutorials of more classic food, Laura is the perfect Youtube buddy for you. Just like the budding cooks out there, Laura Vitale is also a self-taught cook that presents her cooking adventures from her very own kitchen. She developed her love for food young, since her father owned an Italian restaurant.

Watch: Nutella Popsicle Recipe; Cheesy Garlic Bread Recipe

6. Nicko's Kitchen

Country: Australia

Subscribers: 1,045,349

Are you a fan of fast food? If yes, then you are going to love the food presented by Nicko. Homemade food inspired by McDonald's, Krispy Kreme or KFC are recreated through his video tutorials. The channel's motto: 'affordable and easy and oh so tasty'

Watch: McDonald's Big Mac Recipe; Krispy Kreme Donuts

7. Cupcake Jemma

Country: Britain

Subscribers: 612, 199

As one of the owners and bakers of Crumbs and Doilies, a bakery in London, Jemma Wilson is great enough to generously share the recipes for cupcakes and cakes sold in her business! She uploads new episodes every week.

Make sure to watch:  How to make the Best Rainbow Cake; How to make Cupcake Emojis

8. My Drunk Kitchen

Country: USA

Subscribers: 2,456,236

Hannah Hart had the idea of getting drunk while making food, for some it maybe absurd, but more people can relate to her! The candidness of her being drunker the more she follows directions is certainly a recipe for disaster-in a fun to watch way.

Watch: Deviled Eggs!; Butter Yo Sh**!

9. Hey! It's Mosogourmet

Country: Japan

Subscribers: 1,125,957

If you are looking for ways how to make your everyday food more cute-and how the Japanese call it, Kawaii, make sure to check out this YouTube channel! It features smiling hot dogs, strawberry men and star jellies!

Watch: How to make Chocolate Balloon Balls; How to make a giant Oreo Cake

10. How to Cook That

Country: Australia

Subscribers: 2,296,868

If there's one thing that most videos from this channel have in common, it's chocolate and over 290 million people who viewed this channel loves it! If there's one thing unique to this channel, it will make you see chocolate like you've never seen chocolate before/

Must Watch: Instagram Dessert Chocolate Mousse Recipe Cake; Chocolate Chewbacca

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