Starbucks And Guinness: Now, The Same Flavor!

Oct 03, 2014 04:05 PM EDT | By Victoria Guerra

Starbucks' Guinness-flavored coffee has reached coffee shops in the United States (or at least in Florida and Ohio), and it's a flavor that will only be available during the fall - for now, Starbucks' Guinness coffee will only be sold for American customers, but perhaps if the flavor is successful the odd mix will reach Europe, being seen in countries like Britain and, most importantly, the land of the famous stout beer: Ireland.

The Starbucks' Guinness coffee is called the "Dark Barrel Latte," and upon its release, it might tick off purists of both beverages, because it's neither pure coffee nor contains any alcohol at all. The new Starbucks Guinness flavor seems to be at tune with the old proverb that the classic Irish beer is a "meal in a glass" - so, if users can stomach the taste of the strong stout early in the morning, they might enjoy having the Dark Barrel Latte in their morning coffee.

To introduce Starbucks' Guinness coffee, the company released a leaflet talking about the new flavor, which a user later published on website Reddit. In the leaflet, the company explains that the new flavor comes "Inspired by the rise of craft beers, Dark Barrel brings together toasty malt and chocolatey tastes topped with sweet dark caramel drizzle."

The leaflet also goes on to explain what exactly is a stout flavor, and tells customers how that works in their new product, saying that it: "can be described as a roasted malt flavor. We've also added caramel and chocolaty flavor notes to create a savory, sweet fall inspired beverage."

Starbucks Coffee is famous for its hot winter beverages, particularly the fall season favorite Pumpkin Spice Latte.

The new flavor has met with mixed reviews, according to The Independent. Customers have taken to Twitter to express either their satisfaction or dislike with the new drink - it's not too surprising that Starbucks' Guinness coffee isn't universally loved, as many people can't stomach the taste of Guinness itself.

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