Top 5 Foods to Enhance Your Baby's Gut Microbiome

Feb 14, 2016 08:23 PM EST | By Swarnam John

Your little one is a precious gift sent down from the heavens. It brings great joy and warmth to the heart to see these babies grow up into happy and healthy kids.

The food a baby eats can have a tremendous effect on his gut microbes. If this sounds new, then read along to find out more.

Gut microbiome

The researchers from the American Society of Microbiology say, at nine months of age the development of the infant gut microbes, are influenced by the foods that we give the baby.

It is not influenced by maternal obesity as believed earlier. So what is gut microbiome?

It is the complex community of microorganisms that live in the digestive tract. It is believed that children are born with virgin gut. It becomes colonized immediately after birth.

The array of microbes present in the digestive tract either keep us healthy or make us sick. So it is essential we have the right microbes which will boost our health.

The researchers say that the gut microbiota is strongly affected by the introduction of foods that are high in protein and fiber. The scientists say that solid foods determine the composition and the diversity of the microbiota.

Here are some best foods to give your baby in order to have a healthy gut.


They are the king of antioxidant foods. They are believed to contain highest antioxidant content of all the fruits and vegetables.

Blueberries are rich in vitamin C, vitamin K, and manganese. They improve your baby's memory skills. Blueberries are good for the eyes, brain and the urinary tract of the baby.


There are plenty of friendly bacteria in the yogurt which boosts the immune function of the baby. It provides probiotic and broad nutrient support to your baby.

Yogurt has high-quality fats like omega 3 fatty acids, B vitamins, and proteins. It enhances baby's bone health and heart health.

Dark leafy greens

Green leafy vegetables are a must for your baby. They are a major source of iron and calcium. These are essential for the formation of healthy bones and muscles. So your baby grows strong and fit.

Green leafy vegetables are rich sources of beta-carotene which can be converted to vitamin A. They greatly enhance the eye health and protect the tender eyes.


They are rich sources of unsaturated healthy fat, which can do wonders for your baby's growth.

Avocados are good for the eyes, reduces the risk of metabolic syndrome and prevents cancer. They greatly boost the brain development of your baby.


Meat is the rich source of iron, zinc, selenium and vitamins B12, B3, B6 and various other nutrients. They are rich in protein and helps in the strong growth of muscles of the baby.

Vitamin B12 is essential for healthy blood formation. Meat can be given as a part of a healthy balanced diet to enhance the growth of your little one.

Bottom line

A healthy meal plan along with your tender loving care can help your baby to flourish. Healthy foods result in favorable gut microbe development and greatly boosts the immunity of your kids.

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