Superb Egg Hacks to Help Your Morning Preparations

Feb 16, 2016 04:20 AM EST | By Shilpa Chakravorty


Manage eggs in an efficient way. You will see wonders happening on a runaway morning.

Confused if the egg is fresh or stale? Here comes the lifesaver tip to help you know that. Put an egg in a glass filled with water. If the egg goes straight down to the bottom, then the egg is good and fresh. If it floats, it is wise to discard it. 

Eggs, in general, stay fresh for a long time. Well, the duration referred to is in weeks and not months. The fresh eggs will stay for a long time in the refrigerator and a longer time in the freezer.

A muffin tin will help you well. Freeze the eggs by pouring the eggs into the muffin tin. In addition, let it freeze until it becomes solid. Then transfer to a freezer safe bag. Use them with ease as and when needed, according to Popsugar.

While making egg scrambles, hold the pan in one hand and rotate it. Then use the spatula to toss the egg in the opposite direction. This will give you the perfect chef style scrambled eggs.

An omelet can be made in seconds using a microwave oven. If you are in a dorm where you don't have your stove or oven, you can use a coffee cup to make hard or soft eggs.

Have left out egg yolks in the refrigerator? Why toss it out? Add it to the breakfast to add taste and protein to your diet.

Try a different way of making fried eggs. Separate the egg white and yellow. Sounds crazy? But yes. That will help you to fry your white perfectly while making the yellow runny. That is a yummy recipe there.

Planning to feed a crowd for breakfast? Stay cool! Make the ham cups filled with eggs and cheese in a muffin tray. This will leave the ham crispy and the yolk runny. That is a mouth-watering recipe.  

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