Pizza Hut UK Takes Kanye West’s Twitter Rants to New Level

Feb 18, 2016 05:00 AM EST | By Shilpa Chakravorty

Kanye west's Twitter rants about his $53 million debt was rightly responded to in a mocking style by the Pizza Hut UK. The renowned restaurant played the card intelligently taking down on Kanye.

Kanye west, the hip-hop star, fashion designer, businessperson and a philanthropist was complaining about his $53 million debt in his Tweets over the weekend, according to Hollywood Life.

Seeing the life led by the star and his wife Kim Kardashian it was actually unbelievable. The best-selling artists of all time and the most Grammy awarded artists for his age, West, mourns about his debts, living a cozy life.

The controversy king, known for his comments about former president George W. Bush and his interference with singer Taylor Swift, is back again with his stunts -- only to be mocked by the great chain of restaurants, Pizza Hut.

They replied to his tweet about the debt with a job offer in their restaurant. To highlight it they followed it with a series of tweets.

"Please give us a call about your job application. Thanks".

"Stop telling everyone you need dough and try kneading some dough. We got your C.V. today. You start at 9 am tomorrow."

As the scene reached the peak, they posted a made-up mock resume that funnily explained his skills, references and qualification in the format designed as his recent album "The life of Pablo album art". On top of the pictured resume they tweeted

"We are sorry Kanye. We just can't accept this. Please give us a call".

This time, Kanye's intellectual plan has turned against him and Pizza Hut UK managed to center the attention towards them.

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