'Cravings:' Chrissy Teigen Cookbook Proves She Can Be a Foodie and Model at the Same Time

Feb 24, 2016 04:59 AM EST | By Mark Jason Alcala

People always had this irrational notion that modeling and cooking just don't mix. To phrase it more accurately, it seems that the only way to achieve that perfect model's body is to have very little contact with food and cooking in general. We have heard of the self-imposed hardships models had to endure just to maintain their enviable figure. The effort basically dooms them to eating a low calorie but tasteless staple.

Imagine the public's surprise when supermodel Chrissy Teigen came up with a cookbook, titled Cravings, that promises loads of tasty real food - the kind that serious dieters wouldn't dare to touch. In the new book, it seems that Chrissy's distinct style resonates with people as well. Erin Cullum, in her article for Popsugar, details her experience in trying out the cookbooks chicken pot pie soup with crust crackers which she simply described as very easy to prepare yet deserving to be in the soup hall of fame.

In an interview for Eater, Chrissy was quite frank that she never wanted to present herself as an expert but, rather, as a food enthusiast. It all basically started with some random Instagram and Twitter postings then finally evolved to a blog named So Delushious. Being a model, Chrissy admits it hasn't been easy for her to convince people that she really loves food and cooking. However, her hugely popular Instagram feed ought to prove the skeptics out there otherwise.

In the end, everyone has to concede that this model really knows her cooking and the Cravings cookbook is an undeniable testament to that. We shall be forever thankful for Chrissy for reminding me that food is there to enjoy - which is a fresh message in today's world dictated by the fashion industry's unhealthy view of food and body image in general. On that note, it looks like everyone will be making the cookbook's picture perfect pasta tonight.

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