Why You Should Not Throw Away Shrimp Shells

Feb 25, 2016 05:00 AM EST | By Rhea Penaflor (media@latinospost.com)

Do you know that shrimp shells can still be used right after you completely indulge its meat? Yes, you read it right. Shrimp shells can now be used as part of food packaging film as it is biodegradable and eco-friendly.

With the recent study of National University of Singapore (NUS), shrimp shells combined with grapefruit seed extract makes a green food packaging film. According to the study, natural chitosan-based film enhanced with anti-bacterial and antiviral properties of grapefruit seed extract improves food safety and quality.

The Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry backs up this study explaining that natural biocontrol active ingredients, chitin/chitosan, are found in the shells of crustaceans, such as lobsters, crabs and shrimp and many other organisms, including insects and fungi

When we buy bread of other food products, we usually look at the expiration period written on the food packaging label. There are times that we already see molds in our food even if the expiration date has not become due and then we decide to just throw it. We contribute to food waste every time we do that.

So why does our food easily become stale or non-edible? The answer could just be that the food packaging did not have a longer shelf life. With the eco-friendly food packaging film using the shrimp shells combined with grapefruit seed extract, there is an extension of shelf life, thus, minimizing food waste in every home, and as a result, reducing the rate of global food loss. This will bring about both environmental and economic benefits emphasized novel researcher NUS Associate Professor Thian Eng San.

The primary benefit of a good food packaging is to protect the food product from any damage, moisture, contamination of micro-organisms and toxins.  As for the food product, it is also branding that the company maintains a safe, reliable and definitely edible food!

So the next time you eat shrimp, make sure you don't throw away its shells!

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