10 Best Speakeasies in the US

Feb 29, 2016 06:00 AM EST | By Josine Macaspac (media@latinospost.com)

The Prohibition era is a curious and important part of America's history. During this period, a fascinating subculture of speakeasies emerged from the shadows. Alcohol can be bought almost anywhere now in America. Despite the fact, the allure and appeal of speakeasies still mesmerize us to this day. We take a look at some of the most interesting contemporary speakeasies around the country.

Townhouse (Del Monte speakeasy) - One of the oldest bars in Los Angeles, this place has a colorful history. Italian immigrant Cesar Menotti opened this place back in 1915. It was cleverly hidden below Menotti's grocery store and served all sorts characters back in the days of Prohibition.

The Green Mill - This place was an Al Capone hangout back in the day. They still maintain an old 1920's speakeasy vibe to the place. Enjoy some fast jazz and a few drinks here. You might even be able to sit at Al Capone's old spot if you're lucky.

Wilson & Wilson Private Detective Agency -Located upstairs of Bourbon & Branch, Wilson & Wilson Private Detective agency is a speakeasy within a speakeasy. What's even more interesting about the place is that both doors require a password for you to get in, just like speakeasies of old.

Angel's Share - Inside a Japanese restaurant is one of East Village's hippest bars. Personalized or bespoke cocktails are made by Japanese bartenders. They enforce a strict no standing and a maximum 4 per group policy.

The Chapter Room - Located in the basement of Taco Mac, this place is craft beer sanctuary. The Chapter Room always has a minimum of 18 different brews to choose from. Gaining entry to this place requires a membership in Brewniversity craft beer loyalty club.

Williams & Graham - The door to this place is hidden behind a bookcase. They have a massive collection of booze and cocktails. They've even been named Best American Cocktail Bar in 2015.

International Exports Ltd. "The Safe House" - If you have a thing for espionage and James Bond, this place is a must visit. They require a password for entry and have a cool collection of James Bond memorabilia. They are under renovation for the entire month of February 2016 so be sure to check their website for updates.

The Franklin Mortgage & Investment Co. - This place is named after the company that served as the front for the largest alcohol ring in the country 1920s. They have the vibe of the speakeasies of old and have an extensive collection of drinks and cocktails. They have received numerous awards and is one of the more popular cocktail bars in Philadelphia.

Noble Experiment - This swanky bar is hidden inside a hip joint in San Diego.  The door to this place is hidden behind a stack of kegs. Ultra exclusive and posh, this place is requires texting in your reservation way ahead of time.

Harold Black - They implement house rules reminiscent of speakeasies of old with their no flash, no cell phones, no loud conversations rule. The place has an unmarked entrance and inside there's faint lighting, old décor, and secluded alcoves that're truly reminiscent of the Prohibition era.

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