Does Health And Wealth Go Together

Mar 05, 2016 01:34 AM EST | By Susan. J

In a society that thrives on unhealthy junk food, we are constantly reminded that we must alter our food habits. We need to stop consuming unhealthy food and drinks like hamburgers, french fries and soda, and move towards eating more healthy and nutritious food like vegetables, fruits and other items that help the body improve its state.

Though we need to start eating healthy, the sad truth is that healthy food is more often most expensive. In fact, it is sad that rich children eat more healthy food because the variety that is available to them is simply not available to children from the middle class families and the ones who are poor.

Healthy food, especially vegetables, are not easily liked by children. They have a taste that must be acquired over time. Since such food items are expensive, high-income families get to buy them. Families that do not make enough money cannot buy such food items more often.

The simple math behind this is that low income parents buy food that their children don't waste. On the other hand, high income parents don't mind when their children reject food. When such parents go out on a grocery trip, they keep buying food their children might not like, and don't stop pursuing them to eat the healthy food. This way, the kids explore many healthy food items, find varieties and end up eating healthy food as they grow up also.

According to a study, children deny food they don't like at least 8 to 15 times before they acquire a taste for it. Again, having money to buy food that is going to be wasted is a matter of wealth and luxury. Hence, wealthy kids grow up to like more healthy food which they have acquired and eventually enjoyed. 

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