Lose Weight and Fight Diabetes Using this High Fat Diet

Mar 06, 2016 11:25 PM EST | By Mark Jason Alcala

For diabetics and those trying to lose some inches off their waistlines, maybe this new diet is the solution to your problems. Actually this diet, called ketogenic diet, has been around for the past 90 years but is lately making a comeback as a way to manage diabetes according to a YahooNews article by Philip Lewis.

Ketogenic Diet

What is a ketogenic diet? A ketogenic diet is a diet that is high in fats, with adequate protein content and low in carbohydrates. It was developed in 1924 by Dr Russel Wilder of Mayo Clinic as a way to treat epilepsy. Though highly successful, the diet approach was soon abandoned in favor of newer epilepsy medicines.

The diet got its name from the word ketones, which is one of the byproducts when the body burns fat to fuel the body. Since the diet is very low in sugar and carbohydrates, the body has to burn fats, both from the diet, as well as from the body's own stored fat, and in the process promotes weight reduction. This diet has also been shown to improve insulin resistance while keeping glucose levels down; both effects are extremely helpful for diabetics.

Canadian Study

Canadian physician Dr Jay Wortman, conducted a study of the effects on the keto diet in a Canadian aboriginal community in the Namgis First Nation according to the YahooNews article. Dr. Wortman explained that he designed the study because current approaches to handling diabetes do not seem to be working. The small aboriginal community agreed to Dr. Wortman's suggestion to try a low-carb ketogenic diet based on their traditional diet. At the end of the study's run, members of the community lost weight and improved their type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome.

The study's observation shows the diet's potential both in diabetes management as well as a weight loss approach. However, Dr. Wortman cautions that it does not mean that it's okay to take any type of fat because there are fats that are harmful to one's overall health, such as trans fats that are commonly found in margarines and junk foods. Instead, only healthy fats must be used such as eggs, fish, cheese, almond butter and avocados.

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