Healthier Cooking With Cast Iron Pans

Mar 07, 2016 09:58 AM EST | By Mark Jason Alcala

For hundreds of years, cooking was done with cast-iron pans but they were briefly overshadowed by the modern non-stick Teflon coated ones. Lately however, people are ditching the non-stick newer pans and are switching back to the time-tested for health considerations. Here are a few of the reasons why the humble cast-iron pan is better than the high-priced non-stick option.

Naturally Non-Stick without the Teflon

The trick is how well the cast iron pan is seasoned. If done properly, cast iron pans could be just as non-stick as Teflon- coated ones which mean that the use of oil can be minimized resulting to healthier meals. Fortunately, seasoning a cast iron pan is easy and a host of online resources are available.

By the way, those who are still using Teflon-coated non-stick cookware might consider the warnings issued by hundreds of scientist regarding the dangers of using these cookware and other water repellant items, according to a Dr. Mercola article. The article states that the non-stick coating breaks down at high temperatures (464 degrees Fahrenheit) and releases fumes which are harmful to the human body - a fact admitted by manufacturer Du Pont.

Boosts Iron Intake

Cooking with cast iron pans is a sure way to boost iron intake according to a study done of the subject. Iron, by the way, is a very important mineral as it is a component of hemoglobin which is the substance in the red blood cells responsible for carrying oxygen throughout the body. By cooking meals using cast iron, one's daily recommended intake of iron is met preventing iron deficiency. This certainly is the more delicious option when compared with taking the taking of plain and boring iron supplements.

Versatile and Cooks Food Evenly

Cast iron pans have a better heat distribution, allowing for more diverse cooking methods. This property makes it a very versatile cooking tool; one can fry in it, sauté and even bake in it as it also oven ready.

Sturdy and Emergency-ready

Cast iron pans are almost indestructible that poking it with the sharpest knife around is not a problem. It will survive accidental drops unscathed. Furthermore, cast iron pans are not picky when it comes to heat source making it the number one cooking tool for emergency or even disaster situations. And it can be passed on to future generations too making it an eco-friendly option, according to a Renegade Health article by Colleen M. Story.

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