Jessica Biel Opens The Parent Friendly ‘Au Fudge’

Mar 08, 2016 05:49 AM EST | By Shilpa Chakravorty


Jessica Biel, the vocalist and renowned actress, is all set to launch her "Au Fudge", a restaurant planned, keeping in mind the stresses faced by parents, nanny, caretakers and grandparents bringing the child to dine in.

The actress, originally named as Jessica Claire Timberlake, is an American actress by profession. Biel started her career as a vocalist and followed by doing casts in the TV-drama series. Then she did many supporting roles in many top films and won awards too.

The actor's interest has recently shifted to the opening of a restaurant, which will be a place to relieve stress for the parents, according to The Daily Meal.

Jessica Biel being a mom herself had taken into facts problems faced by parents who come for a peaceful dine-in in the restaurants. Au Fudge is a place for both the kids and parents to enjoy.

While talking to E! Online, she said, "You get to a place, you want to make sure the diners around you are not being bothered, you're full of anxiety, you're trying to go as fast as you can-you don't enjoy it at all. That is exactly what we want to erase from the feeling of a mom, a dad, a family, a nanny, and grandparents bringing their grandkids here. It doesn't matter. We just want you to feel stress free about it and know that they're playing with things that are safe, that we don't use chemicals here, that there's not just a bunch of plastic everywhere and we've really tried to think very thoughtfully about your family because it's our family, too."

To explain about the place, it is full of attractions for children, which is totally safe. Two rooms are dedicated to the play area along with a tree house.

Harmful substances are totally avoided in the premises. The kid's will be monitor throughout their stay in the restaurant.

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