Ever Wondered What Nutrition Experts Eat for Breakfast?

Mar 15, 2016 04:20 AM EDT | By Mark Jason Alcala

Most experts consider breakfast to be the most important meal of the day. Since it is the first meal that nourishes the body after a relatively long period without food during sleep, it is important to start the day by eating healthy. Eating breakfast is linked to many health benefits such as weight control and better performance throughout the day according to an article in WebMD by Kathleen M Zelman.

This makes one wonder what some of these nutritional experts actually eat for breakfast. Fortunately, Kate Bratskeir was able to compile the breakfast favorites of nine nutritionists in her article for HuffingtonPost.

Scrambled Eggs with Fruit

For Julie Upton, a perfect way to start the day is to have two to three scrambled eggs (one whole and two whites only) with a nut butter-smeared piece of fruit and paired with tea. Upton says it's easy to prepare and because of the 20-25g protein, the combination could make her full for a longer period of time.

Portable Breakfast Bar

According to Rebecca Scritchfield, the convenient Kind Breakfast Bar with a latte fuels her mornings. Scritchfield says the bar is nutritious and made from natural ingredients while the latte should handle her caffeine requirements.

Green Smoothie

Christa Mantey prefers her mornings green with a smoothie made from a healthy mix of greens, frozen berries, a banana and water. Mantey says that the drink is the perfect way to start her day because it gives her energy while at the same time it contains the healthiest foods - raw, dark leafy greens and fruit.

Oatmeal with Walnuts

A sweeter morning is how Katherine Brooking wants her day to start with her favorite bowl of oatmeal with walnuts and slightly sweetened with a little honey or brown sugar. According to Brooking, the oatmeal makes her full until lunchtime.

Fiber-Boosted Coffee and Drinkable Yogurt

Felicia Stoler loves the combination of a cup of coffee with Sunfiber, orange juice and yogurt since it gives her the right carbohydrate-protein ratio after her workouts.

Old Fashioned Rolled Oats with Fresh Fruit

Alissa Rumsey prefers to start her mornings with old-fashioned rolled oats with milk, topping it with chia seeds, fresh fruits and a hint of vanilla and cinnamon for that added flavor. Rumsey says she doesn't need any sugar because the fresh fruit provides the sweetness she needs while the chia seeds are there for the heart-friendly omega-3 fats. Hungers pang is kept at bay with the soluble fiber and the fast from the nuts and seeds.

Protein Oats

Marjorie loves the power-packed, east-to-prepare and delicious combination of a bowl of oatmel topped with egg, chia sees, canned pumpkin cinnamon and peanut butter, with an apple or a pear for that added flavor and variety.

Peanut Butter and Toast

For Vandana Sheth, a slice of whole grain, high fiber toast with peanut buter, banana slices and hemp hearts of chia seeds is the perfect way to start her mornings. According to Sheth, this breakfast is not only heart-healthy, it is also flavorful, nutritious and portable - a perfect morning fuel for people on the go.

Egg White English Muffin with Cheese

Angela Ginn-Medow powers her mornings with a whole wheat English muffin topped with cheese and an egg white. The dietician loves the combination's portability as she describes it as perfect for those "hectic mornings."

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