5 Most Common Cooking Mistakes We All Tend To Make

Mar 16, 2016 11:44 PM EDT | By Sneha Susan John


Cooking is an art that requires practice and perfection. When you have decided to prepare something, you have to make sure to get certain few things right. Though they seem trivial on this list, they can make a massive impact on what you prepare.  

1.    When you don't read the entire recipe, your preparations can get quite clumsy. It is important to read the entire recipe before you start with the procedure of cooking or baking.

2.    Simmering and boiling are definitely not the same. At times, we don't pay heed to the instructions given to us. We boil food items that are meant to be simmered to save time. By doing this we don't realise the huge difference it could make. We don't realise that it can alter the texture and the flavour of food, especially for meat products.

3.    You don't take into consideration the exact measurements. While cooking a dish, you might make slight adjustments based on your taste, likes and dislikes. However, while baking you cannot go by your rules. Even the slightest difference in the measurement can be seen in the baked product. When it comes to the quantity of flour, always make sure to get the right amount.

4.    Eating food hot is a practice we have been following for quite some time. However, allowing the food to cool down while the heat is redistributed makes a difference in the food as it enhances the flavor of the food. When hot food, especially meat, is cooled down, the juice is properly spread and the food sucks the different ingredients.

5.    Didn't you preheat the pan? Preheating the pan can make a huge difference to your food. Especially when it comes to preparing fish, it is important to preheat your pan or else it would turn out to be quite soggy.

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